Train Travel

Train Travel

In the era of fancy cars and long-distance flights you might think that train travel has lost power. North Americans are in the habit of using the bus service to cross the continent because it is very comfortable and quite affordable. However, train travel is still in fashion because it really offers safety and speedy transfers anywhere in the world.

As it goes with every new means of short or long-distance transport, when the first trains appeared they were very ritzy to use. Train travel being at the beginning, not everyone could afford to use trains. Little by little, as humanity had another step into technology and the trains gained a new look and improved conditions, more and more people came to the realization that train travel is both fun and useful. Besides, the fare ceased to be as high.

If you are planning to cross a continent and do not care about time, you had better keep train travel in mind. It is easy to get tickets for, comfortable and safe; what is more, it offers a lot better landscape to admire on the way. The beauty of our land is much more evident if you look at it from the window of a train compared to what you can see from the plane or the wheel of your car. Traveling by car is also a nice option if we think of the landscape we encounter but not for the driver. He or she has to focus on the road and hardly ever notices the beauties that are left behind.

Train travel can also be a very expensive thing. Do you remember the famous Orient Express that used to run across Europe round the World War I and later on? Not all people had access to that train; it was train travel for the rich mostly, due to the appearance and the service offered. Now the well-known Orient Express is still running in Europe and has even lengthened its track. There is one going from London to the south of France and back and another popular train travel option on the Orient Express which goes from Paris to Istanbul. This is fancy indeed, as train travel to the latter destination and back may go up to $4500 a ticket. Of course, this is not the kind of train anyone would go onto on a regular basis, after all it is a cruise train, but many couples in their fifties use it once in their lives for the luxury and impeccable service it offers, just like they go on Atlantic or Pacific cruises for a special anniversary.

The Orient Express has nothing to do with the usual train travel that we get involved in for pleasure or business in the third millennium. Train travel is supposed to add up to the selection of options for means of transport that the common man or woman needs in everyday life. Trains are by far less dangerous than cars if we think of the number of accidents that happen every year in the world, though statistics show that the safest of all are planes.

Train travel is likely to stay among the popular options for a long time to come because they pollute less and are better every decade. Thanks to the advances of technology, train travel has improved so much that trains are not only modern and comfortable but also precise and reliable, which makes train travel a very nice experience indeed.

If you have a long distance to cover and you are airsick, you had better get on a fast train and relax throughout the journey than go by car and be exposed to the many dangers on the highway.