Train Travel

Train travel: 10 important train travel tips

There are some tips that one should follow while considering transport by train travel.

1. While traveling by train it is best to carry a cell phone along with you, so that you can inform people in case there is some delay in the train. Often it is seen in train travel that there are some problems with the arrival times and a cell phone can be handy in such cases.

2. In train travel the railways does not make arrangements for the food of those travelers who happen to board the train for an overnight journey. Also it may happen that the food in the train is not available when you re hungry. This is why it is best suggested that you have some food before starving on a train travel, which would prevent you from staying hungry while traveling.

3. The schedules of the trains may change from time to time and in such cases the railways notify the travel agents about such changes. You should see to it that your travel agent offers you notifications about such changes in train schedules, and in case they fail to do so you should consider changing them. For a comfortable train travel it is suggested that you check on the train schedule a few days before your actual journey to know about any changes in the schedule.

4. Many times in train travel, it is found that the people need to take connected trains to reach their destination. The trains that run over short distances are usually in tandem with their schedules but the long distance trains tend to get delayed. So while taking connected trains you must see that you do not lose your baggage in the hurry to catch trains.

5. Make sure that the luggage bags that you carry along with you in a train travel are provided with wheels for the ease of moving them on the platform. Often it is seen that the sleeper compartments in the trains are located at the end and in case of a long platform one has to cover a lot of distance before boarding the train. Thus having wheeled baggage makes it possible to move the luggage without having to depend on trolleys or Red Caps.

6. While moving around inside the train there is always he chance of losing balance. Due to this reason while going for a train travel one must take care to see that the hands are always free to support one in case one loses balance. Wearing shoes with flat bases helps in moving around the train quite easy.

7. Reservations for train travel should be made months before the journey to get confirmed seats.

8. Many times it is seen that people have complaints while on a train travel. If the complaint is a minor one they should be sorted out with the staff and in case it's a major one should get a written report and file it with the travel agents, who would be able to provide you with help in getting paid for the services.

9. Luggage should be kept a minimum during train travel as you may have to carry them on your own.

10. Carry a timetable with you while on a train travel to know about the different stops and their timings.